Posted in Poetry on March 2, 2017 by Jamie Spencer

Clarification through scarification
Ramifications of actions
too hastened
Lost in translation without
a last known location
Dreams cast like visions
Seems like derisions
Played back epiphanies
Decayed black antistrophe


What is hell ?

Posted in Poetry on December 17, 2014 by Jamie Spencer

What is hell but a spot to tan?
Whats that smell the flesh of man?
Whats this life but a flash in a pan?
What is strife without a place to stand?
What is time but grains of sand?
What Is hurt but a trendy brand?
What is control when it’s out of hand?

Motorcycle Mantra ©

Posted in Poetry on January 1, 2014 by Jamie Spencer

Gears shift and miles fall away. RPMs compete for my attention as the road puts her grandeur out on display.
A staccato mantra of twin valve unison and passing reflective dots plays softly in my head. Endorphins flow and synapses connect, i’m resolute that i’d rather be nowhere else instead.
Six speeds to infinity, a twist of the throttle to Mach One. The asphalt reads like The Odyssey, the bindings to my inhibitions come undone.
As the foothills give way to the Rockies, and the horizon makes a bed for the sun, an epiphany creeps towards conciousness, a few more horses burst out to run.
If I could fuel it with bliss we might run forever. Circumnavigate the globe and never look back. Just chase the sunset for eternity, and never see a day fade to black.
Oh but reality is eventually triumphant, and you have to return to the nest. Her motor clicks and pops as your head hits the pillow, to dream about the next trip while you rest.


Posted in Poetry on October 11, 2011 by Jamie Spencer

Second hand wisdom from a first rate loser,
Third person dictum from a second class boozer.
Sixth sense numbed by the first wave of static,
Last will succumbed in a manner most erratic.
Fifth place finish in a race called being.
First face I saw when I actually started seeing.

I am of the Ether

Posted in Poetry on August 3, 2011 by Jamie Spencer

Stem cell static billowing forth with the luminiferous glow of awareness.
Omnipotent wavelengths pervading all space, an algorhythm without anamoly or unfairness.
Telekinetic intent falling softly on phosferous pages igniting a thought.
Metaphorical motion through a plain of pure energy, no opposing forces to be fought.
Mind Loves Misery and misery loves synergy, a vibrato of the spirit.
Conductive intellection ever rising to crecendo, if only you’d stop to hear it.
Galvanic effects on the world as we see it, visible only in binary form.
Magnetic impulses projected forward, eluding detection among the norm.
I am of the Ether…….

Navigating the Detritus

Posted in Poetry on July 16, 2011 by Jamie Spencer

Projecting confidence yet harboring doubt, determined like the spider below the water spout.
Dripping with potential while just treading the water, clay yet to be molded on the wheel of the potter.
Exuding raw talent yet making no ground, a diamond in the rough yet to be found.
Bleeding pure thoughts right into thin air, a net with a hole captures nothing to spare.
Projecting sheer greatness from a fragile precepice, wings that won’t spread leave no chance at exodus.


Posted in Poetry on July 7, 2011 by Jamie Spencer

So comforting the darkness, enveloping yet vast.
So reassuring the abyss, staring at me from the past.
Ever fleeting is the spark, that small glimmer of light.
Never seeping through the dark, for more than just a night.
Vigilant is my melancholy, never straying from my side.
Steadfast with its demagogy, my subconcious is its pride.
So peaceful is the turmoil, a Stockholms case in my head.
So graceful is the coil, the serpent pining for the dead.